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Digital transformation of marketing materials for Volkswagen Dealers across Europe

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Nora is an innovative platform to create digital offers for one of the biggest car manufacturers around the world - Volkswagen AG. G-Group has been working on this project since 2015 finally reaching the 3.0 version recently. Currently, the tool is being used across dealerships in 12 European countries.

Key challenges

  • Simplifying the tool so the dealer can prepare a new offer in 3 short steps
  • Upgrading the tool to new sales channels to be used by a younger group of users
  • Preparing new layouts and implementing a “mobile first” design approach

Technologies and methodology


Project outcome

Thanks to choosing Node.js as the main backend language the tool became much faster and “lighter”. What is more, the Platform is now prepared for fast translation in case of any implementation in a new country. It’s also ready for any integrations through API and it provides sharing options in social media, through special formats dedicated for Facebook and Whatsapp. Nearly 1,500 Volkswagen dealers create 4,500 offers using Nora tool everyday.

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