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Building an online store with accessories for VW Commercial Vehicles

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G-Group has designed and built from scratch a modern and responsive ecommerce platform in alignment with VW CI, including a panel for administrator, based on our proprietary solution.

Key challenges

  • Comprehensive UX and UI design (customers need analysis, market research, competition analysis)
  • Creating a responsive web design fully accessible on mobile phones
  • Apart from development and quality assurance also providing online promotion (SEO and adwords)

Technologies and methodology

PHP 7.4
Symfony 4.4
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Project outcome

We have managed to present the final solution in just 3 months since VW told us about the project for the first time. Despite the short completion period the ecommerce platform is really complex with features such as: smart search engine, all the products tagged with dozens of tags, integration with the popular price comparison tool, payment integration for multiple sellers (dealers), custom discount codes module and a custom admin panel. G-Group also provided quality assurance, maintenance and after-release development of additional features.

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