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Solution for one of the biggest MLM companies in Europe used by 200k users

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A multi-level structure in which each subsequent participant of the network, by ordering products in the store, increases the income of the partner located above it. The MLM (Multi Level Marketing) application was created for the needs of S'ouvre Internationale for the efficient management of the sales network.

Key challenges

  • The main challenge was unifying 3 old systems into a single one to enable fast market expansion in new countries
  • Shifting from a monolithic system to a microservice-based architecture
  • Migrating the database to a new system and adding new integrations through API

Technologies and methodology

PHP 7.4
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Project outcome

Flexible changes in marketing plans and creating new branches are now delivered in days, not months like before. Users can do this using just few clicks in the administration panel. The application is now ready to handle 35,000 monthly orders made by more than 200,000 users. The app is much more functional thanks to integrations through API with storage system, payment platform and other Souvre's systems. After unifying 3 old systems into a new one and creating system configuration for new branches, Souvre can now expand its international coverage without months of costly development.

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