5 top tech trends in AI and software development for 2024

5 top tech trends in AI and software development for 2024

The end of 2023 is approaching, so it’s time to predict what will shape the technological landscape for the next 12 months. As a company specializing in AI implementation and custom software development, awareness of emerging tech trends is not just a strategic advantage but a necessity. We anticipate each novelty and are ready to adapt to those relevant to our clients.

In this article, we take a closer look at the crucial tendencies we can expect in 2024. How will they influence the way we build digital solutions? Our goal is to showcase the potential of each trend and how it will influence the way companies operate.

5 Most Promising Tech Trends of 2024

Here are our picks for technological advancements that will shape the digital landscape next year.

Generative AI Will Continue Expansion

We can say without a doubt that 2023 was the year of artificial intelligence. Generative AI was especially prominent thanks to the sudden booming popularity of ChatGPT. OpenAI’s creation was one of the tech trends that changed the way people work and live. All that thanks to its free, widely accessible tool that can be used to automate and accelerate multiple tasks. Large Language Models became one of the most desired technologies to implement in software for enhanced performance and advanced features.

We can tell without a doubt that in the upcoming year, AI adoption will continue. Out-of-the-box platforms will be commonly used, and AI models will be integrated into custom software products for maximum efficiency. The majority of enterprises will express a need to use AI within their internal structures. They will also want to implement it in their apps for clients. According to the study by PwC, by 2030 AI might boost GDP for local economies by 26%. Furthermore, it will contribute to the global economy with more than $15 trillion. We will see levels of automation never experienced before and gain more time than ever to spend on creative tasks.

Cybersecurity Will Become Imperative

The rise of AI-driven solutions increased interest in safety practices within the online space. This subject was widely discussed by local and global authorities for months, but now it’s even more crucial to quickly introduce legal regulations and security measures that will protect users’ sensitive data. The European Union leads the way with the Digital Service Act that ensures social media algorithms won’t exploit personal information. That’s the first law businesses have to adjust their operations to.

Moreover, they will have to brace themselves for cyberattacks. Research shows that the number of sophisticated cybercrimes and threats will increase in the upcoming years. Many of them can be AI-related since it’s still a developing niche. Working with partners that take security seriously, hiring safety specialists, and complying with regulatory obligations will have to become an integral part of business strategies.

Quantum Computing Will Unlock the Potential

Quantum computing was once a theoretical concept and is now mostly used in scientific fields. However, many experts wonder how it will evolve in 2024 and beyond. They claim that next year might bring a breakthrough when it comes to the commercial use of this technology. Quantum computing holds the potential to revolutionize complex problem-solving and data analysis. It might prove to be useful for industries such as finance, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. Many investors at the moment come from these fields.

The unprecedented power offered by quantum computing will also provide new possibilities for AI and software developers. Algorithms enhanced with its capabilities will work faster and provide better results. It will positively influence the scalability of digital systems and allow them to offer advanced features to the masses.

Sustainable Technology Will Be in Demand

Consumers expect brands to take responsibility for their actions and implement solutions that reduce their impact on the environment. They will also want companies to deliver products and services that will help individuals live more eco-friendly. This trend will lead to the rise of green tech and sustainable offers in the next few years. Thought-through proposals that will reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint will be praised.

Technologies like blockchain and AI will be at the forefront of the sustainable revolution. Moreover, hardware will also be adjusted to modern consumer preferences. For example, repairable smartphones will be more available, also due to legal requirements. Tech products and their components should be durable, easy to recycle, reusable, and made out of materials that are not harmful to the environment. The IT industry will have to become aware of its impact on our planet and build less resource-consuming infrastructures.

The IT Work Environment Will Pivot

Over the last few years, the way tech companies operate changed enormously. Remote work became an industry standard, but many brands want their employees to return to offices, causing mass quitting. New technologies pop up quickly, which requires employees to acquire additional skills to develop future-proof solutions. Sophisticated, up-to-date digital literacy is a must for IT companies that support brands through digital transformations.

A few years ago, hiring programmers was enough to achieve success in software development. Now, providers will have to recruit managers with detailed specializations (e.g., change managers), engineers, architects, as well as other experts with unique traits and the ability to understand the rapidly evolving digital realm.


Tech trends we’ve mentioned in this article will shape the IT world in 2024 and beyond. We are ready to embrace them and provide exceptional value for our clients. As an AI partner, software development company, and outsourcing provider, we want to create innovative solutions that will help companies achieve their business goals and meet their customers’ needs to increase revenue. Our team also builds internal work ecosystems powered by new technologies to deliver better performance, efficiency, and productivity.

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