Software development trends for 2023 – what are the industry predictions?

Software development trends for 2023 – what are the industry predictions?

The IT industry has undergone some changes in the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic sped up its growth. We’ve been surprised by more technological advancements than ever. Global events boosted innovation in numerous areas of business. It’s time to review which software development trends will be crucial for the upcoming 12 months.

Many of them have been prominent since the beginning of the 2020s or even before that. However, we should constantly observe tendencies that shape the way programmers and other IT professionals work. It allows us to follow the right direction when we make decisions about our tech stack, training sessions, and recruitments. This way, we can propose services that are in tune with our clients’ needs and create future-proof solutions.

The current state of the software development industry

We live in uncertain times of economic downturn. Over the last two years, the way we work, use digital products, shop, and entertain ourselves changed drastically. Lockdowns, the recession, and growing inflation all influence customer habits. They also create a demand for robust solutions that will make people’s lives easier. Thus, companies want to invest in software development. They’re looking for talented specialists that will deliver results adjusted to modern consumer requirements.

According to Gartner’s research, the spending on IT-related expenses will grow by 5.1% in 2023. That’s because digital transformation is the only way to survive the crisis upon us. Moreover, many startups and enterprises will probably thrive thanks to their software solutions dedicated to fixing modern-day problems. Predictions are clear – brands will focus on optimization and efficiency powered by technology.

It all creates a high demand for skilled software developers. The problem is that there’s a market shortage of IT employees, including coders, testers, and analysts. Globally, 40 million job openings remain unfulfilled due to a lack of applicants. The forecasts are not optimistic – in 2030, that number can go up to 85.2 million. That robs companies of competitive advantage and the ability to meet their customers’ expectations. Then it leads to a decrease in revenue.

This complicated situation will shape the trends for 2023 and beyond. It’s full of challenges, but also opportunities. Let’s find out more about that.

8 top software development trends for 2023

We took the most popular software development trends that can be observed within the IT sector. Here’s what we’ve handpicked for you:

Outsourcing will be king

As we mentioned, we’re facing a talent shortage within the IT job market. Gartner warned about it in 2021. Their research claimed that lack of talent was the biggest barrier to emerging technologies blooming. Companies worldwide are worried that not being able to hire the right people is a considerable threat to their businesses. Enterprises are looking for alternatives and there has been one all along. It’s outsourcing.

It’s not a new concept, but we believe that it will gain momentum in 2023 and beyond. The benefits of outsourcing are countless. To name a few: cost optimization, fewer worries about HR matters, and access to larger pools of talent. The possibility to hire a complete team or single developers from software houses in various countries means you can really find an employee that will meet all your expectations. It’s the best remedy for talent shortage.

Check out our article about software development outsourcing. You will find out what are its advantages and how to approach it the right way.

Remote work has to stay

Some enterprises want to get their employees back to the office. Since the pandemic restrictions started to ease off, working from home wasn’t necessary anymore. However, it was a positive benefit for many people. When return-to-office policies started to appear, many of them decided to quit. They wanted to look for a job that will let them work from home or wherever they please. In the upcoming year, most IT specialists will want an employer that gives them freedom of choice in that area.

Forcing employees to be in the office every day seems counterproductive on all possible levels. Research proves that it has a positive impact on productivity, budget savings, employee turnover, and more. Additionally, it allows businesses to hire professionals from different locations which means they can access better talent.

Low-code and no-code on the rise

Difficulties with finding adequate IT professionals and the economic crisis will push many business owners to try and create software products on their own. Thus, the popularity of low-code and no-code development will definitely increase. Such platforms offer the possibility to build apps with basic coding knowledge or even without any experience in the field. Research indicates: “The global low-code development platform market is predicted to generate a revenue of $187.0 billion by 2030, rising from $10.3 billion in 2019, and is expected to advance at a fast pace, 31.1% CAGR, during the forecast period (2020-2030).

No-code or low-code approach is great for building proofs-of-concept, MVPs, and prototypes. It can be a method of saving some money in the initial phase of a software project. There are many high-quality platforms on the market that have user-friendly, intuitive interfaces and an easy app creation process. However, more complex and advanced solutions require a team of specialists to work properly.

The crucial role of DevOps and DevSecOps

Building software with attention to detail, according to procedures, and with all requirements in mind is not easy. Especially when operations are all over the place. DevOps is an answer to that pain. In 2023, this approach will become the new norm for numerous companies that haven’t yet introduced it. Since the main promises of DevOps are a higher quality of delivered software, a better work environment, and constant improvements, IT companies are actively browsing for specialists that can help them do DevOps right.

The industry also discusses the matter of security a lot. DevOps can help with reliability, performance, and project optimization. DevSecOps also considers responsibility for data safety and other security measures that are extremely crucial during every stage of production. For many outsourcing providers and brands that operate on software products, it will become essential to establish teams to take care of their operations and security processes.

Significant demand for cloud services

Year-to-year, cloud-based services become cheaper, more robust, and multi-functional. No wonder companies want to implement them internally and use them with their stakeholders. In the era of globalization, remote work, and outsourcing, cloud technologies provide capabilities that allow enterprises to grow their businesses and collaborate with each other.

It is estimated that by 2025, we will store 200 zettabytes of data globally. A zettabyte is equivalent to a trillion gigabytes. Half of this will be stored in the cloud. It’s the most comfortable, reliable, and accessible method for storing information in a digitized world. The cloud will become an integral part of software development architectures and internal work systems alike.

AI remains highly relevant

Artificial intelligence has been a prominent trend for several years now. However, we had to mention its impact, as it evolves all the time. Research shows that the growth rate for the AI market can reach 36% by 2027 and the market size value will exceed $400 billion. AI algorithms power most of our devices, including smartphones, smart speakers, watches, and TVs. The technology is implemented in mobile apps, chatbots, and cars. Thanks to its growing popularity, it became available even for individual users. In 2022, we took advantage of AI-based art or text generators to entertain ourselves but also utilized these creations in our personal and professional lives.

Many industries will want to implement AI and harness its abilities to elevate their software products. Developers will have to obtain skills and knowledge that will help them introduce artificial intelligence into the apps, platforms, and websites they will deliver. No one knows what exactly AI will provide in the upcoming year, but we can expect advancement that will enhance our daily lives even more.

The Internet of Things is still a thing

Similarly to AI, IoT also continues its journey towards expansion and becoming an integral part of our world. Statista predicts that by 2030, we will have almost 30 billion connected devices worldwide. The IT industry has to be prepared for that and be able to cover the needs of companies that want to develop IoT products.

The development of IoT devices is extremely important not only because they can make our hardware smarter. For example, thanks to wearables and monitoring devices connected to the internet, the healthcare industry can prevent many diseases or treat them better. Agriculture is another sector that benefits from IoT by monitoring farms and automating crop management. It’s a technology that can truly change the world for the better. That’s why, in 2023, there will be a lot of investments in that area.

Web 3, blockchain, and metaverse

These are probably the newest and least explored parts of the tech realm. However, they are on everyone’s lips for some time now. Their significance is constantly growing because they offer an alternative to what we know. Web 3 is more user-centric and decentralized. That’s why blockchain plays a crucial role in it. Metaverse will be a big part of it because the Web 3 approach can definitely shape the way digital worlds will function.

What’s most important is that software developers will have to be able to create solutions that will correspond with these technologies. Knowing how blockchain works, what are NFTs, and how to implement machine learning algorithms into systems will give outsourcing agencies a competitive advantage. People will have their eyes on these technologies also because they promise to fix many problems. For example, they can be great to fight political censorship or hyperinflation in some countries.

What else is worth knowing about?

Above we’ve mentioned the most important software development trends that will influence the industry in 2023. Here are some other honorable mentions. They are also quite significant and should be taken into consideration in the upcoming months.

  • We talked about the metaverse, which means that augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will have to be developed further to meet the users’ expectations. AR will also be widely used in eCommerce to boost online shopping.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are claimed to be the most popular type of apps that will be developed because they are dedicated to mobile devices. Their user experience is superior to regular websites.
  • Cross-platform development will remain on top of preferred development methods as it shortens time-to-market, offers cost optimization, and allows brands to be present on multiple platforms.
  • Microservices will become the main pillar of future-proof, modern software architectures thanks to their flexibility and scalability.
  • One of the most promising subsets of AI is machine learning. ML algorithms will be used for many software solutions thanks to the capabilities they offer.
  • Big data will remain a crucial factor in business success. Powered with AI, it will help companies level up faster than ever.

Probably there’s much more, and it’s impossible to predict which trends will skyrocket. Maybe there’s a new technology we don’t know about yet? Time will tell.

Software development trends – conclusion

The IT industry is definitely a fast-growing area of business. Every year we have a few emerging technologies to consider and many others that are becoming mainstream. That’s why it’s a rapidly evolving sector. Companies and employees have to stay on top of events and always be eager to learn. We hope that our overview of software development trends for 2023 will help you navigate through the potential chances you might take to elevate your business game and achieve your business goals.

At we outsource talented IT professionals to provide expertise in various software projects. They help our clients to create solutions that become an integral part of their business strategies. If you want to build a web app, a website, or another software product adjusted to your company’s needs and also current trends – don’t hesitate to reach out. We will gladly help you through this journey. With us, you can become the leader in your niche. Let’s take care of all the new year’s resolutions your brand assumed in its 2023 strategy.

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