Working in an outsourcing company could be the best career choice for you

Working in an outsourcing company could be the best career choice for you

There are many advantages of working in an outsourcing company as opposed to being an in-house developer. As a brand that built its reputation by hiring developers on demand, we decided to share our thoughts on that. In this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of both options to pick the best career path. Also, we will showcase our work model and all the benefits it offers. Let’s jump right in!

Working in an outsourcing company vs. being an in-house developer

We should start with defining the two main journeys you can follow after deciding on being a programming specialist.

  • You can either go through a recruitment process in a company that wants to build an in-house team to work on their internal software project…
  • … Or try to get hired in a software house, a company that has multiple clients and outsources their employees to various projects.

It’s obvious that the paycheck, benefits, and other work conditions will depend on the employer. Thus, we won’t dive deeper into that. We want to distinguish the main differences between these two job types.

In-house teams are pretty self-explanatory. You become an employee in a chosen enterprise and usually work on an app (or apps) that are an integral part of its business strategy. For example, if you’re an in-house developer for a retail franchise, you will probably create their loyalty program app or their eCommerce platform. You will work every day to build this company’s online presence and sink into the brand’s identity. If you like consistency and are not fond of changes, going in this direction might be the best for you.

On the other side, we have an outsourcing company that usually has more developers on board. That’s because they work on numerous projects, depending on the client portfolio of the company. When the new prospect is converted into a customer, the coders are assigned to the project depending on their skills, availability, and level of experience. Some companies allow developers to pick their own projects, given they match the requirements. That’s exactly how we operate in Working in an outsourcing company is great for people who love challenges and adapt quickly to new environments. That’s because during their course of work they will probably work on several different projects.

The pros and cons of working in-house and being outsourced

We’ve established the two options we’re discussing. Now, it’s time to determine what exactly makes them attractive, but also what are their drawbacks. You should be aware that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Always pick your job depending on your needs and professional goals.

In-house developer – pros and cons


  • Stability thanks to being constantly in one, static environment.
  • Building stronger bonds with teammates while working on one common goal.
  • Ability to get really specialized in a particular technology.
  • Ability to obtain expertise in a specific industry.
  • A clear set of internal guidelines to follow and more structure.


  • Working on a single project can get mundane with time.
  • Can impose certain restrictions.
  • If you don’t like the project, there’s no way to change it.
  • Less room for growth when it comes to different technologies.
  • Narrow specialization, which reflects on the resume when you want to look for another job.

Outsourcing company – pros and cons


  • Possibility to work on many different projects, often with an ability to switch between them.
  • Ability to learn new technologies and extend your skills, both hard and soft.
  • More flexibility when it comes to working conditions.
  • A chance to meet many new people and build your professional network.
  • Usually, outsourcing companies pay more attention to their individual employees and value their growth.
  • Comprehensive tech stack with advanced frameworks and new technologies.


  • Not suitable for people that don’t like changes and find it hard to adapt to new projects.
  • Require openness to new people and situations.
  • Without proper management, there might not be enough projects, and you end up on the bench for too long.
  • You need strong communication skills because you will be in touch with the client, your management, and other teammates on a daily basis.

What makes a good outsourcing company?

As you can see, there are many positive traits of working in a software house that outsources their employees. The drawbacks can be only slightly inconvenient – depending on your personality traits and the company’s approach. Many of them can be eliminated completely if you pick the right provider to work with. How to recognize them? Here’s a short guide.

Before you apply, research the company you want to work with thoroughly. They should have a portfolio of finished projects displayed on their website – it’s the first place worth visiting during this process. You will also find information about the technologies they use and the services they offer. To find out the brand’s overall vibe, check out their social media accounts and the about page. Finally, go to the careers page to find what they offer in terms of salary and additional benefits. This is the place where you will learn about the company’s culture, their values, and possible career paths. It will help you determine if this brand is the right match for you and your needs.

It’s extremely important to do a background check on the company. The way it operates will strongly influence your work. Do they organize training sessions and support their employees, so they can grow in their respective fields? Are there integrations and team-building events to help the employees get to know each other? Do they offer various work models, including hybrid and remote, instead of just requiring your presence at the office? Will you get additional benefits like private healthcare, gym membership, paid holidays, etc.? Answering these questions will help you decide if this company suits your current requirements.

Why working in an outsourcing company is worth it?

Outsourcing companies typically have a more relaxed work environment, which can be a refreshing change from the traditional corporate setting. With in-house development, it’s a lottery. Some brands adjusted their work styles to modern employees and their requirements. However, there still are enterprises that don’t offer remote work policies or impose other guidelines you won’t be fond of. Be aware of the rules the company dictates before you apply, or you might be negatively surprised later on.

Software houses usually also have different internal structures than big organizations. This means less bureaucracy and the possibility to communicate easily with top management. If you struggle with any issue, it’s much easier to solve it in an outsourcing company that has a more flat structure and clearly stated roles of every employee. It’s also best practice to give every team a leader that will be your guide and support on your professional growth journey. You will really feel like a part of your company, even if developers work on separate projects.

Speaking of growth, an enterprise that hires in-house focuses on specific skills that are essential to finish a project. On the other hand, outsourcing companies’ owners know that their strong suit is diversity and a range of abilities. That’s why they encourage their coders to pursue new tech knowledge and learn as much as possible. They often offer training budgets and organize their own events dedicated to sharpening the skills their devs already have or want to obtain.

Simply put, the work culture in software houses that outsource their employees is more developer-centric, but it also provides a plethora of benefits to their customers. Working in such an organization will definitely broaden your professional horizons and give you multiple opportunities to grow as a person and as a developer.

Why do clients value working with outsourcing companies?

According to Software Development Trends 2021: “In 2021, hiring became the #1 challenge in software development.” That’s why more and more brands bet on outsourcing instead of hiring in-house teams. There are a number of reasons why. One of them is lower costs. It can be significantly cheaper to outsource software development needs to a company that specializes in such work. Maintaining employees consumes resources that can be saved when an external team takes care of a project.

The same goes for time management. Recruiting and onboarding new internal programmers could take up to 40 days, especially in the current economy. Finding competent professionals is harder than ever. By reaching out to an outsourcing company, businesses get access to a larger pool of talent and can quickly introduce them to a project. It’s important if the time-to-market is short, but also for project scopes that rapidly evolve because usually, they require changes in the team’s squad.

Outsourcing means there’s less paperwork and the client doesn’t need to handle HR matters or provide benefits. Basically, they can focus on their core business needs while an app or a website is taken care of. This is especially important for organizations that don’t have enough resources to invest in a full-time in-house development team or don’t want to do that because they know they will need them only to deliver the project.

The conclusion is simple – if the software house knows how to sell their services to new clients, you will have a chance to be a part of many exciting projects and will always have something to work on. – we redefine the approach to outsourcing

Our company is an example of an outsourcing company with a twist. In ordinary software houses, projects are usually distributed between developers that have skills and knowledge suitable for the client. We thought it would be better to let our developers decide which projects they want to contribute to. Also, we enabled them to switch projects whenever they need a fresh start. Every person that we hire can work on projects they feel connected to. You gain experience in various software development technologies.

Working with us means you will get access to this work model, regular training courses, and tech-related events, as well as many other benefits. Our approach is something that is not always the case in other outsourcing companies. Being a part of can be a long, exciting chapter in your career, full of challenges, occasions to grow, and new ideas brought to you by like-minded people. All you need to do is check out our career page and apply to a relevant opening.

We hope this article made you aware of the benefits of being a developer in an outsourcing company. Are you ready to begin your journey in the realm of tech? Or maybe you already have something in your resume, but you want to try something different? No matter what’s your story, you could be a good match with us. Don’t hesitate and send your resume today! Join and feel free to choose a project you truly feel connected to.

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