Developers should be able to choose software projects they want to work on

Developers should be able to choose software projects they want to work on

We know such situations firsthand. You start working at a software house. Soon, you are assigned to a project. Now, it’s a matter of luck. Sometimes you will end up working on something you really like. Other times you might feel like it’s not “it”. No matter what’s your case, it often doesn’t matter because there’s no way you could switch projects. So you do your best and contribute to the one you’re on daily, but you wish it was already over.

That scenario might sound a bit dramatic, but hear us out. We are aware that finding a project that matches your interests and needs for growth is not an easy task. In most outsourcing companies you can’t influence the management’s decisions. They just let you know where you will work, and you have to do that. You might feel like in the story above. Also, you could conclude that you have no space for professional development. Being stuck in one place is not something we want.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Being a programmer in the right software house means you get access to various clients you can work with. When the employer gives you the possibility to pick a project that resonates, you can work on something you simply enjoy. With the ability to change projects when you feel like it’s time for a fresh start, your career goals are easier to achieve. Let’s explore that further.

Freedom of choosing software projects you feel connected to

That’s the philosophy we live by in We decided to abandon the idea that developers should be assigned to projects by us. Instead, we gave them the possibility to choose where they want to contribute. Why do we follow that path? We believe that our team is our biggest strength. Appreciation for our developers made us think – how we could keep them on board? Besides traditional benefits, we wanted to give them something extra they wouldn’t find in other software houses. Freedom of choice was the right choice.

Think about it – people have different personalities and preferences. Assuming that coders will feel comfortable in a project someone else picked for them is often wrong. Of course, software houses assess their employees before they assign them to a particular project. However, these assessments are usually based exclusively on people’s skills and experience. While that’s the most critical factor that impacts the decision, it shouldn’t be the only one.

Why letting developers choose is the best approach?

It’s not about picking a random project. We encourage our programmers to really think it through. They should make a choice based not only on their personal interests but also on their plans for future growth. For example, if there’s a project that could let a developer work in their own field of expertise and learn some new technologies at the same time, it could be a chance for them to improve their competencies.

In other cases, it might be a matter of the brand’s values or the project’s purpose. If the employee feels drawn to a certain client, it’s also a good reason to let them do that. They might even want to work with an organization that is globally popular or recognizable for some reason. That motivation also makes sense because coding for such companies looks well on the resume.

The benefits of letting developers pick their software projects

All involved parties gain advantages from the approach we’re discussing in this article. Here’s what each stakeholder can expect:

Picking projects offers various benefits for everyone

Are there any drawbacks to this approach?

Some might think that developers with such freedom will squeeze as much as possible out of the software house’s projects and leave. Of course, working in an outsourcing company of that kind is a great way to boost a programmer’s career. However, if they want to look for another job, they will do it no matter what. Our experience is slightly different – giving our employees freedom of choice and caring about their well-being makes them stay longer.

Another challenge many agencies worry about is increased rotation between projects. If it’s possible to switch at any time, why wouldn’t developers take advantage of that, right? At, the process of assigning projects is well-prepared to eliminate potential mismatches when it comes to our clients and employees. We take programmers’ preferences into consideration, but also make every effort to find the ones that are needed for a particular project. The result is usually positive. Developers feel good about their projects of choice and ask for a change when they really need to.

Last but not least, developers might worry that with this approach they will sit on the bench longer than expected. Probably they think that with this approach some software projects have many volunteers, but others are not interesting at all. That genuinely depends on the outsourcing company’s management. They should collaborate with clients that are looking for developers with skills they can offer. Also, the growth-centric environment in a software house of this kind usually means that developers have a range of skills they can bring to the table, which qualifies them for more than one project.

Working in – freedom and much more

We talk about all of this today because the possibility to pick software projects that devs really want to work on is one of our core values. As a member of, you can control the course of your employment journey by picking the projects you’re interested in and polishing skills you’re currently passionate about. If that sounds like something you would like to try – check out our career page for open positions.

Besides our main benefit, you will also gain access to additional perks. To list a few: private healthcare, gym membership, training sessions, and comprehensive leadership that will help you grow and solve problems you will stumble upon in projects. Our philosophy is based on mutual support, teamwork, and technological advancement. Work with us, and you will learn how a modern software house operates! Take this step and find out how satisfying working in an outsourcing company can be.

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