The future of coding: How we will develop software in 2024 and beyond?

The future of coding: How we will develop software in 2024 and beyond?

2023 is over, and we can tell now that we’ve experienced one of the biggest technological shifts in recent decades. The rise of AI will have a significant impact on the future of coding and other areas of software development. We already noticed certain paradigm shifts last year because many programmers decided to test AI’s abilities to write code. The algorithms proved they could do it as well as humans. Everyone is wondering: will AI replace devs?

As an IT provider, we want to take a closer look at this subject. We are aware that businesses seek innovative solutions that will enhance processes, boost revenue, and provide competitive advantage. Investing in custom software is one of the best ways to achieve all these goals. They wonder if cutting costs or handling some of the production themselves is possible. This article explores the short-term and long-term perspectives of coding evolution, showcasing how the ongoing transformation will influence businesses. Let’s dive in!

AI-driven automation in coding

Generative AI and other algorithm-based tools will dominate almost every industry in 2024 and beyond. It’s one of the most promising, emerging trends. There’s no escape from it, so we should analyze how it will change the IT realm. Right now, we can notice one major tendency – productivity boost. Programmers harness AI tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT to automate repetitive tasks. They want to minimize mundane coding to focus on more complex aspects of software creation. Thanks to automation, they can accelerate projects’ time-to-market and enhance the quality of code, minimizing errors and improving reliability.

AI integration within IT brands will also empower coding teams and their clients with predictive analysis. Thanks to it, it will be easier to provide valuable insights for informed decision-making. From anticipating customer needs to optimizing internal processes, a data-driven approach will be the winning strategy in the upcoming months. Collaborating with a tech partner with AI skills will be beneficial for organizations that will invest in powerful software solutions.

AI as a core competency in programming

As we step into 2024, the future of coding undergoes a transformative shift.  Programmers who will not embrace AI will face potential obsolescence. AI-driven tools we’ve mentioned changed the game by redefining the software development process. However, the key to maximizing the benefits of AI-powered programming lies in developers’ ability to precisely define their needs. It’s not about blind replication. Careful examination of the generated code in search of potential gaps is necessary to achieve stability, security, and scalability of solutions. While quick copy-pasting may offer some benefits, being aware, observant, and critical when using AI is essential.

AI competency has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry. It’s claimed to be required for success in today’s rapidly changing world. A new specialization is emerging, focusing on integration with Large Language Models (LLM) and anticipation of the upcoming Large Multimodal Models (LMM). Now, developers not only need to know a command of programming languages and frameworks. They also have to understand AI models and be proficient in related methodologies. Their intuition and adaptability will be appreciated by employers and clients alike.

What about no-code and low-code solutions?

Before ChatGPT could create code for software teams, no-code and low-code tools were seen as the future of coding and the biggest threat to IT providers. Even though they couldn’t guarantee customization and flexibility, they were perceived as a cheaper alternative to investing in tailored development. Today, AI can accelerate app and website builders by automating certain tasks. This way, it can support low-code and no-code platform users in creating better-looking and functional software.

We will see the increasing popularity of advanced but easy-to-use no-code and low-code platforms. Many of them will be powered by artificial intelligence to speed up the creation cycles and increase agility. They will be highly appreciated by startups and small businesses with tight budgets. Bigger brands with extensive requirements that require high-end features and quality code should still bet on tailor-made software to achieve their sophisticated business goals.

The IT industry in 2024 and beyond

The competitiveness of the industry will grow due to the above-discussed factors. Brands will thrive by adopting AI (especially Large Language Models), machine learning, IoT, VR, AR, and other emerging technologies. Preparing software for these innovations will be the main objective for many developers. They will play an important role in ensuring their clients’ business resilience and sustainable growth. Thus, IT partners will contribute to their clients’ strategies not only by providing code. They will also have to advise on tech choices and digital transformation. Due to the technological boom, tech departments will have to be up-to-date with current programming trends and adjust their activities accordingly.

Adapting to rapidly changing markets will be one of the most crucial advantages. Providers have to quickly react to new consumer demands and create future-proof solutions that will be easy to scale, upgrade, and evolve. Businesses will expect IT agencies to propose various collaboration models. They will have to handle all tasks required to deliver high-quality software like design, quality assurance, and business intelligence. In a world, where apps and systems are an integral part of most work environments, working closely with seasoned development teams will be imperative for ambitious businesses that want to level up within their niches. We can’t wait to support our clients in this exciting time!

Final word

The future of coding unfolds as we speak. Short-term changes are already visible, long-term results are in the making. Navigating this landscape can be difficult for brands that want to develop a software solution in the years to come. That’s why hiring a trusted, experienced IT company with a portfolio of clients is a must. Cooperation with a development agency that creates AI-driven solutions, can outsource employees, and prepares tailored software adjusted to individual business needs can be the most important decision of the year.

As a leading AI and software development brand, we want to help organizations embrace the future with our trusted, specialized team. can be your guide on the journey towards innovation. Process automation, workflow optimization, modern apps for your customers – all that can be done thanks to the extraordinary technologies we use. Book your free consultation call and learn how we can support your efforts and elevate your business in 2024.

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