A short guide to using Pinecone as an external knowledge base for GPT models

A short guide to using Pinecone as an external knowledge base for GPT models

GPT models possess extensive general knowledge but often lack specific information about companies, such as product databases or distribution processes. This limitation can make it difficult to leverage these models for certain business applications. For instance, a chatbot on an e-commerce site might inadvertently discuss competitor brands or delve into unrelated topics like politics.

At G-Group.dev, we provide solutions to these challenges for our clients. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to:

  • Develop an external knowledge base for GPT models
  • Incorporate data into the knowledge base
  • Train GPT models to utilize the external knowledge base
  • Prevent GPT models from discussing unrelated topics

The following sections detail the process and tools required to achieve these objectives.

External knowledge base: Pinecone

Pinecone is a vector database provider that specializes in storing unstructured data such as text. This type of database is relatively new to the field. It’s ideal for creating an external knowledge base for AI-powered applications. At G-Group.dev, we store documents in Pinecone, which our AI can then query to obtain the necessary information for a given task. You can learn more about vector databases from one of our previous blog articles.

Ingesting data into the knowledge base

To add files, such as product documentation, to Pinecone, follow the steps on the graph.

  1. Load the files with content.
  2. Divide the content into chunks, adding relevant metadata such as product IDs. This metadata can be helpful when developing advanced AI tools.
  3. Convert the chunks into vectors using OpenAI embeddings.
  4. Insert the data into the vector database by:
    • Splitting documents into text chunks.
    • Transforming chunks into vector embeddings, which are a numerical representation of the text’s meaning.

Teaching GPT models to utilize the external knowledge base

LangChain allows you to construct sequences that guide the AI through a task. To train a GPT model to use information from Pinecone, create a sequence with the following steps:

  1. Form a concise question based on the original query and chat history.
  2. Convert the concise question into a vector embedding.
  3. Search for the closest vector in Pinecone using similarity search. This step retrieves the most relevant resources from Pinecone containing the necessary knowledge.
  4. Re-enter the GPT model with the concise question and the context derived from the previous step, providing the model with the knowledge extracted from Pinecone.

Here’s a diagram that shows the described process:

Ensuring GPT models stick to the Pinecone knowledge base

To prevent GPT models from discussing unrelated topics, such as weather or politics, you can create a custom prompt during the final phase. Add a disclaimer like:

“To answer the question, use only the knowledge from the provided context. If you don’t know the answer, simply say you don’t know. DO NOT attempt to fabricate an answer.”

By following this guide, you can effectively harness Pinecone as an external knowledge base for GPT models. This will enhance their utility in a range of business applications.

To sum it up

This guide demonstrates how to effectively use Pinecone as an external knowledge base for GPT models to address their limitations in handling specific business applications. By following the steps outlined, you can develop an external knowledge base, incorporate data, train GPT models to utilize the knowledge base and prevent them from discussing unrelated topics. Implementing these strategies means you can improve your AI-powered tools and enhance their utility across various business scenarios. And if you’re a company that is in search of AI-driven tools that can produce professional results, you should look for a reliable implementation partner that knows how to create solutions that utilize them.

G-Group.dev can be your trustworthy AI provider. We build apps and systems powered by the newest innovations to help your business skyrocket. Contact us to schedule a free consultation, and our team of experts will be happy to guide you in harnessing the power of Pinecone and GPT models for your brand’s needs.

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