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An innovative marketing app that would support marketers in their daily activities.

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Startup owners from Poland came to us with an exciting idea. They wanted to create an innovative marketing app that would support marketers in their daily activities.

Its purpose was to be a library of marketing strategies to be used by enterprises but also marketing agencies that work with external clients. Each strategy would be proposed by a professional growth hacker and adjusted to the user’s individual needs with the help of artificial intelligence. AI would also support customers in preparing marketing funnels from various strategies they’ve picked, fulfilling each step of these funnels, and creating content.

Key challenges

  • Marketing is an industry that constantly evolves. Thus, the client wanted to frequently change the project scope, which initially led to inconsistencies and delays. We’ve prepared a different model of collaboration based on Kanban, which quickly fixed this issue.
  • Collaboration with AppSumo was a challenge for both the product owner and the team. We had to implement a separate sign-up for AppSumo users, but this way the client could test the app concept within a larger market. It also allowed us to test its stability thanks to the provider’s user base.
  • The project required numerous external integrations, which meant we had to adjust the product to work with all of them without disruptions. We also had to prepare an onboarding feature that had many user paths, animations, and schemes. Thanks to our expertise, we’ve managed to deliver this technologically and logically complex functionality despite problems we’ve stumbled upon.

Technologies and methodology

Angular 12
Tailwind CSS
Taiga UI

Pre-made components:


Project outcome

As an extended team, we’ve been working with the client’s IT staff in a 2-week sprint Scrum model and paid a lot of attention to retrospectives, which led to significant improvements with every iteration. Our goal was to adjust the work system in order to get the best possible results. We wanted to join two teams to work as one, and we achieved that. Since the client was highly satisfied with our approach, during the frontend production phase we took over the leadership.

The platform is now up and running, allowing users to register and use the AI-powered app to level up their marketing game. A few months after the release, our client has a community of several thousand users from all around the world that want to be a part of the app’s future growth. The app is highly scalable and can interconnect with more external partners if needed. Thanks to its thought-through UX, as well as an analytical approach to introducing changes and new features, this solution has the potential to become a leading software in the marketing industry.

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